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While commonly seen as a problem for pet owners, fleas and ticks appear anywhere there is wildlife and can be found in most areas of the nation. Most fleas and ticks live in the yard and only come into the house when they attach to a pet, human, clothing, piece of furniture, etc. By treating the lawn with a flea and tick control product, you can kill existing fleas and prevent the eggs from developing into the adult biting stage.
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  • Kathryn O. ★★★★★ They were so nice and did such a great job! I have the only green lawn in the neighborhood!

  • Brooke T. ★★★★★ – Jaye and Keith were very punctual, professional, and very nice. Showed us where the ghost ants were coming into house and even taught us how to clean our garbage disposal and the piping of our sinks in our bathrooms!

  • Billy J. ★★★★★ – It was GREAT!!! The guy was very knowledgeable. He sprayed every corner of my entire yard. After he completed his work he knocked back on the door, explained to me what he applied, and when I should start seeing a difference. He also stated that if there’s no change in the time frame I should see a difference, he would come back FREE of charge to retreat.

  • Sarah L. ★★★★★ – Since my German Shepherd had been poisoned by the last people I had hired to spray my home interior (he recovered after “tripping” for a few hours), I discussed my concerns with Jaye, who assured me that this usually happens when different products were mixed together and that his treatment was truly “pet safe.” He went ahead and sprayed my interior and my dog did not suffer any ill effects. I also discussed termite treatments with him, and he fully explained what he would apply and how much. I did hire him to apply the treatment for subterranean and structural (flying) termites. The only problem was he forgot to put back the downspout, but when I called him explaining the problem, he came back immediately and put the downspout back where it belonged. I was very pleased with his work.

  • Amos T. ★★★★★ – The service provider was very friendly and professional and went out of his way to worked with my schedule. I was very pleased with how thorough he was to ensure all areas of our home was well covered with pesticide. There was no high pressure sales or unexpected added cost, just friendly service. I was very pleased and will surely use them again. Highly recommend.

  • Doug G. ★★★★★ – Perfect. Jay and his staff are very professional, hard-working and thorough. My sprinkler system wasn’t in the best shape and they worked diligently to get it working properly and set up on my preferred schedule. They even went above and beyond by finding a small leak on my side of the water meter that I didn’t know was there. They said they’d be happy to repair it for me but it appeared to be the water company’s pipe so they would need to handle it (it was and they did). Lawn treatment was equally thorough. I like that Jay spends time with you to make sure you understand everything. All in all, a very good experience. Once again, Angie’s List knocks it out of the park with it’s recommendations. I’m very pleased.